How to get assistance

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Members seeking personal assistance

UCU works with individual members providing assistance with problems arising from their employment by the University of York.

The range of problems that are covered is very wide including, for example, potential disciplinary action, renewal of fixed term contracts, pensions, promotion and career development, study leave and research facilities, and harassment.

Members are strongly encouraged to contact us as early as possible in the development of a problem, which can often nip a problem in the bud.  It may be too late to be of effective help if matters are allowed to develop without UCU intervention.

Disciplinary advice

Any UCU member who is summoned to attend a meeting for disciplinary reasons with their Head of Department, or other person to whom they are responsible, should immediately alert York UCU.  It is our advice that they only attend such a meeting in the presence of an UCU representative:  however, the final decision on whether to be accompanied is up to the member her/himself.

If you are a member and find yourself in a situation where you require support from UCU, please contact Vicky Cattini in the first instance at  Vicky is the Branch Administrator and operates completely independently from the University. Initially you will be asked to provide, via email if possible, details of the issue, what outcomes you hope to achieve and how you see UCU assisting you to achieve these outcomes. Alternatively, you can contact a local UCU representative (please go to the Branch Executive Committee header, for contact details).

NB: You need to have been a member for 90 days prior to an issue arising to receive full support from UCU.  If you do not meet this criteria, we may be able to offer you some advice  but you will not be entitled to legal assistance.




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