Departmental Contacts

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Please click on the individual contact’s name to be taken to their entry in the university’s website (if provided).


  • Archaeology Steve Roskams
  • Centre for Health Economics Ana Duarte
  • Computer Science Rob Alexander 
  • Educational Studies Cylcia Bolibaugh       
  • English Stephen Minta
  • History Joanna de Groot
  • Management School Lynne Baxter and Simon Mollan
  • Mathematics Jason Levesley
  • Politics Simon Parker
  • Social Policy and Social Work – Enrico Reuter, Kate Brown, Eppie Leishman,,
  • Centre for Housing Policy – Enrico Reuter, Kate Brown, Eppie Leishman ,,
  • Sociology Daryl Martin 
  • International Pathway College  Moira Steven ( and Matthew Lemon (
  • Centre for Lifelong Learning Emma Wells 
  • Law and Centre for Applied Human Rights – Lawrence McNamara (
  • Chemistry – Anne Routledge
  • Health Sciences – John Blase (
  • Language and Linguistic Science – Carmen Alvarez-Mayo (
  • Environment and Geography – Jasper Kenter (
  • Stockholm Environment Institute – Jasper Kenter (
  • IT Services – Luke Thomson
  • Centre for Global Programmes – Tudor Parsons
  • Centre for Women’s Studies – Evangeline Tsao
  • Academic Support Office – Dawn Lindsay (
  • Biology – Laura Clark (

    If you are interested in becoming a departmental contact, please contact Vicky Cattini or any of the branch executive committee.  We will be happy to discuss with you what this will involve.  Full training and paid time off for this is available.





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