Monday 21 February update and details for next week’s action – 28 February, 1 and 2 March

Tomorrow is the final day of this 7-day tranche of strike days. Let’s make it a big finish to send a message to our VC and his compatriots that we demand our pensions to be protected and to have decent pay and working conditions.

Today we enjoyed the ‘Free University of North Yorkshire’s’ latest teach out, organised by our Politics Dept UCU members and student groups, on the subject of Classism and the Cost of Living Crisis. A rich discussion of how to be activist in unions and civil society provided all who attended with much food for thought.

We start tomorrow at 0830am at each of the four picketing sites:

  • The Retreat Entrance
  • Newton Way (Behind James College, near to the sports centre)
  • Campus East (next to the bus stops)
  • Kings Manor (in town)

At 1030am we have a rally at Heslington Hall. Anyone who wants to can speak.

On the map attached here the three red triangles are picket sites and the blue triangle is the rally point (for staff who are new to York and may not have visited campus).

Note – these are changes from the times advertised last week.

We encourage the bringing of cakes, hot drinks, dogs, children, anything that makes noise (e.g. pots and pans) and Vice Chancellors to the picket line. It all adds to the atmosphere and from experience, it is an invaluable chance to talk with colleagues from other departments and places in the university that you don’t interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Branch strike diary – to be updated in each day’s email.

Details also placed on the branch Twitter feed: (note, for those who don’t know Twitter, you don’t need an account to view the feed.)

Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Pickets and rally as advertised above.

Monday 28th February 2022

  • Pickets and rally as advertised above.
  • Teach out organised by the Politics Department: ‘NHS Solidarity and Disability’.
    1300-1600 at the Crescent Community Venue in York, on the Crescent, off Blossom Street.
  • This event coincides closely with the ‘NHS Day of Action’.
    More details of the panel to come.

Tuesday 1st March 2022

  • Pickets and rally as advertised above

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

  • Pickets as advertised above.
  • 1130am – digital picket begins and continues into the rally to follow.
  • 12pm – Rally in Exhibition Square. This event is in the City to highlight our dispute to a broader audience and will include speakers from other unions and student groups, amongst others. More details to come!
  • 1pm to 4pm – UCU event in the Crescent on ‘The future of our university’.
    This event will be in two halves, with the first led by staff and the second half by students. More details to come.

Note – all teach outs are open to all, including UCU members, non-member staff, students and the general public.

We are issuing a request for speakers/activity leaders for the 2nd of March UCU event. If you wish to take part in this event, leading a session, participating in a panel or in some other way, let us know asap. Thank you.

Strike and ASOS information

We have been asked a number of questions about strike action and ASOS.

  1. GTAs can and should claim for lost earnings when they strike.
    You can claim from the national and local funds. See our website for details. Nobody should cross the picket due to money concerns.
    Note that this process is easy and simply requires that you include, along with your completed form below, hard-copy or scanned evidence of pay deduction for industrial action (e.g., a pay stub with a noted deduction; dated timetable of work scheduled on strike day + prior pay stub + evidence of industrial action taken on relevant date; etc.). If we require further verification, we will be in touch.
  2. When I come back to work will I need to restore access to lecture and teaching materials for students? Will I need to reschedule teaching?
    No. Our ASOS includes the provision to not provide materials for teaching sessions that are lost due to the strike. Also, all teaching lost in the strike is just that, lost, there will not be rescheduling. This includes supervisions.
  3. Do I need to tell my employer that I have been on strike?
    Ultimately yes, but not until we go back after each bout of action. This means from Wednesday 23rd this time.
  4. What can I do to make ASOS effective when I return to work?
    Read you contract carefully and identify the duties you do that are voluntary. Stop doing them. Also, add up the hours you work and don’t go beyond your contracted hours. Prioritise student-facing activities and/or ask your line manager which items you should prioritise if, as is very likely, you have more work than you can accommodate in your contracted hours.
    Also, put up posters and make use of email auto replies/out of office settings to spread the message that you are undertaking ASOS and why.

If you have any other questions about the strike or action short of a strike, please email us. We also want to hear about any actions by management in relation to the strike and action short of a strike.

See you on the pickets and solidarity,

The UCU UOY Executive