Strike Bulletin 2 – March 2020

University of York UCU – Strike bulletin


Our first five days of strike action have gone well, with the children and dogs on our picket lines keeping up the high standards of charm and solidarity set by our pre-Christmas strike days.

Our rallies have given a whole range of members the chance to speak out about why they are taking action. They have spoken eloquently about the human costs of excessive workloads, the injustice of insecure work, and the inequity of the gender and BAME pay gaps for our university community.

Members have been equally creative in organising teach-outs and craft workshops (calendar here)—lovely bunting now decorates our picket lines. We are coming together to show our strength and commitment, but we also get to keep talking to each other about making our university a better place for all. We can be really proud of what we achieving here at York.

WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Nationally, our action has forced employers to talk to UCU negotiators again, about both the USS dispute and the “Four Fights” on pay and pay related issues, and there are already signs of positive progress.

WE NEED TO KEEP GOING. It’s vital that our action continues to pressure the employers to offer meaningful improvements for our members. We know how hard this is but the solidarity we’ve built up so far should give us confidence. Decent staff conditions are good for universities, and it’s time our employers did something about working with us to create them.




Information about reporting

Many members have asked about the forms sent by HR requesting reports of action taken. You are under no obligation to report the days you have gone on strike until after the action has concluded.