Strike Bulletin 5


Our pickets and daily rally continue to be great, with visits from fellow trades unionists and from YUSU, who brought round tea and coffee   – thanks guys !

We also had over 40 people at our strike meeting at the Crescent Venue where we had the chance to talk over how things are going and put together ideas. Some of the main points discussed were :-

  • ideas about how colleagues in non student facing roles can show how they are supporting the strike: as well as putting up the ‘out of office’ message which we have suggested on your e-mail you can also write to any outside bodies with whom you work, explaining why you have gone on strike for 8 days (you can use UCUs local and national material) and urging them to write to UCEA, UUK, and our VC urging them to start serious negotiations: you can also publicise the message which York UCU has sent to students.
  • ideas for extending the picket period by having a ‘second shift’ after our daily rally: our picket organisers will be in touch with members about this: we also wanted to encourage those who can’t make it to the picket lines to share tweets or other messages and pictures to show support.
  • plans to support the climate events on Friday: after our daily rally we will go to meet the students, who will be assembling in Market Square to go into town for the events taking place there. We thought that rather than going onto campus to join the event which the VC is planning we would invite him to bring people to join us and the students.
  • discussion of how the dispute is going: everyone was very clear that while we are pleased that talks with UCEA have begun, we need real progress on our claim and will continue our action as long as needed. It was stressed that our members need a better deal on casualisation, gender pay, workloads, low pay, and pensions, but also know that in standing up for these demands they are standing up for students and for universities’ contribution to the public good.

    SO – morale is great and we are going forward. Colleagues are joining the union every day. Keep up the strike activities and come to hear the speakers at our rallies – a climate emergency speaker and we hope the MP for York on Friday, our joint President on Monday, the UCU General Secretary on Tuesday, and our UK President on Wednesday.
    And don’t forget the teachouts by colleagues and students in History on Friday, by the students and by the Centre for Women’s Studies next week – all in the Heslington Village Community Hall.