The Gender Pay Gap – Please sign our Petition

University of York Staff and the Gender Pay Gap

Last November the University of York UCU branch submitted to the university management a detailed claim regarding the ending of the gender pay gap at York (which was 19.3% in 2017 – worse than the average in UK universities). It proposed a partnership between unions and management to tackle this serious injustice, and seeks to negotiate on appropriate and realisable actions to close that gap within a defined timeline. UCU’s claim, which is supported by the other campus unions, can be accessed here.

The only response by university management in nearly four months since the claim was submitted has been to tell us that they won’t agree to set up a joint working group on the gender gap because it is hard to separate work on that issue from other work on gender equality, although this has not been a problem at other universities where unions are pursuing similar claims. While there may be room for discussion of the exact format for joint working between unions representing staff and the management, UCU is clear that staff at York (whoever they are) can only benefit from properly focused work on gender pay inequity, and regards the management’s response as a tactic to delay or avoid such work, to which they claim to be committed.

UCU therefore asks any member of staff at York who cares about gender justice to sign our petition which will run until Monday 15 April and encourage all your colleagues to do likewise.

Please see the petition here: