Selecting the new Vice-Chancellor

Please sign our open letter, you can find the link below
As you all know the University of York is looking for a new Vice-Chancellor to replace Koen Lamberts who is due to move to Sheffield in October. UCU thinks that it would be only right and in the spirit of our view that “WE are the university” that UCU and York students are represented on the panel which will select the next VC.
For that reason we urge you to sign and circulate the open letter to the Registrar and Chair of Council (link here), who will lead the implementation of the selection process. Please encourage friends and contacts who may not be in the union, particularly students, to do likewise.
Since we need to get this matter resolved REALLY soon, because the selection process will be under way shortly if not already begun, we are asking you to do this by Friday 20 July at latest.