Branch Executive Committee

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The local executive committee is given below, and we are always happy to hear from members or prospective members.   If you want a message sent to all members of the executive and you are not yourself a member, please use the comment box on this page and ask for it to be forwarded.

The committee meets approximately every two weeks, and if you would like to attend a meeting please contact Ana Duarte in the first instance, who will arrange this.

Joint President: Ana Duarte (Centre for Health Economics)

Joint President:Joanna de Groot (History) –

Branch Secretary: James Cussens (Dept of Computer Science), ext 5371

TreasurerJohn Issitt (Dept of Education)

Ordinary members:
Geoffrey Wall (Dept. Of English), ext 3334 –
Stephen Minta (Dept. Of English), ext 3345 –
Jon Fanning (Management School), ext 5035 –
David Huyssen (History) –
Moira Steven (International Pathway College) –


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