Strike Bulletin 4


It’s been great to see as many people [and dogs !] at our pickets and rally on Tuesday as there were on Monday. If anyone doubted our determination they can think again !

We may have been a bit damp, but our voices and views are in no way dampened. We feel as strongly as ever about our employers’ failure to deal seriously with our claims to tackle insecure working, gender injustice, pay and pensions, and workloads. And we’ll keep up the pressure until the employers start to take this as seriously as we do.

This isn’t a “lecturers strike” or an issue which only affects academics Whatever jobs we do in the university we all face the problems which we want our employers to get down to tackling. They need to do so BOTH because they should treat staff decently, AND because their failure to do so damages our ability to do our teaching, research, and professional work to our full capacity.

UCU have been making these arguments for a long while and members are now at the point when we are raising the pressure in order to get some real results.

  • When members tell us that they can’t meet deadlines for the professional tasks which they undertake to support academics because those academics are so overworked that they can’t meet them either, we know that there is a workload problem; 


  • When two early career colleagues say that only one of them can afford to join the strike because they have a family to support, we know that there are low pay and casualisation issues; 


  • When postgraduates who teach are being told that they will have to work beyond their contracts in order to catch up on marking after the strike we know that there is something badly wrong with how their work is managed;
  • Remember too that staff working conditions are student learning conditions, and that what is good for staff is good for the core activities which people outside the university as well as inside it want done as well as possible;


SO – we urge all members to keep up the industrial action, to attend our branch meeting on Wednesday [13.00 at The Crescent Venue], to come to our pickets and rallies [lots of good speakers to come] and to the teach-outs already advertised.

Our employers are beginning to talk to us, so our voice needs to go on being loud