UCU Strike Bulletin No1


Monday 25 November is the first day of our strike and we want to make the most impact we can.

  • No-one should be working on Monday – or the rest of the week 
  • Join one of our picket lines [at Heslington Hall,  Thief Lane/ the Retreat, King’s Manor,  Heslington Hall,  Newton Way/ Heslington Lane, Heslington East/Field Lane car park]
    from 8.00 – 10.00 am; e-mail
    james.cussens@york.ac.uk for details 
  • Come to our daily rally outside Heslington Hall at 10.30 am 
  • Spread the word with your colleagues 

Remember  ~  we are taking serious action in a good cause.

Decent pensions and pay, fair treatment for staff in insecure employment, gender equity, and reasonable workloads are good for staff, but also for the university as a whole. They enable staff to do their research, teaching and professional work to their highest ability. They help to improve the student experience and the recruitment and retention of staff.

Our ‘five fights’ for those aims are about supporting each other and about the wellbeing of the sector in which we work.

Remember  ~ we are taking serious action to make a difference – and it can.

Our action puts pressure on our employers to start serious talks about our claims, and it is beginning to work, but it won’t really work unless we show that we mean what we say.

Further advice

Q: When do I have to tell my managers/HR that I have participated in strike action ?

A:  Our advice from HQ is that once the eight days of strike activity has finished members should inform their managers or HR about their participation in the strike when they ask you about it”

Suggested out of office message

One effective way for members to show support for our industrial action is to post an e-mail ‘out of office’ message like this –

‘I am currently in dispute with my employer over their failure to support serious talks with my union, UCU about our claims for improvements to our pensions and pay, including insecure work, gender inequality, and excessive workloads. I shall not be working from 25 to 29 November, or from 2 to 4 December inclusive. My replies to e-mails will therefore be delayed.’ 


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