Performance Review – Further Advice for Members

12 July 2017 


On 30 June, York UCU asked all members to defer participating in the annual performance review process until the issue of confidentiality has been resolved.  Aware that some members may already be under pressure on this issue from their Head of Department or line manager, we now offer the following advice:

  1. In response to any initial approach from your appointed reviewer, emphasise that you are not refusing to participate, but deferring participation until an issue of principle has been resolved. This response does not constitute a breach of contract.
  1. Only agree to participate if and when you subsequently receive a formal written instruction from your HoD or your manager. If you receive such an instruction, then you should comply in order to avoid any allegation of breach of contract, but should also declare explicitly on your PR form that you are participating under duress.
  1. If compelled to participate under duress, you should also immediately let York UCU know that this is the case, so that we have an accurate picture of the disposition of our members.

York UCU will continue to demand that university management live up to its repeated assurances of a constructive and confidential PR process.